East-West Task Force (EWTF) of the European Physical Society

Conditions for EW TF supports of the participations at international meetings

- the meeting must be organised/sponsored by EPS or organized by another organization under special conditions: it must belong to a joint series of meetings co-organized by an EPS division/group (e.g. meetings organized alternatively by parts of EPS and American Physical Society) and EWTF must be informed by the EPS Secretariat or by the respective Board about this cooperation;
- the participant must be active at the meeting (an accepted contribution);
- the support must be recommended by his/her National Physical Society;
- the participant should be under 35 years (exceptionally under 40 years).

Procedure of application:

The application should be sent to
- the Chairman of EWTF (Nadrchal) by e-mail, by fax or by ordinary mail with an outline of expected expenses (fee, travel and board expenses, etc.)
- and in the same time to the respective national co-ordinator or to the President/Secretary of the National Physical Society.

How to send an application:

By e-mail (in English!) to the address: nadrchal@fzu.cz:

- name of the conference
- title of applicants paper (with a confirmation that it was accepted)
- full survey of expected expenses and relative financial sources (incl. the claimed support)
- recommendation of the concerned National Physical Society

By ordinary mail to Dr. Nadrchal:

- signed recommendation of the concerned National Physical Society

National coordinators

- collect all applications for each action,
- order them according to the priorities given them by the National Physical Society (separately for particular meetings),
- send the ordered list of applicants (with the recommendations) to the Chairman of the EWTF
so that he receives it before the following deadlines:
before:   for meetings that start in:
January 31  March, April or May
April 30  June, July or August
June15   September or October
September 30  November or December
November 30  January or February 2000

Your national co-ordinator is Dr Ershov-Pavlov, BPS Sci. Secretary.

EWTF will elaborate the applications after getting this list from the national co-ordinators.

Incomplete applications cannot be treated.

The support approved by EWTF will be sent by the EPS Secretary General directly to the account of the organizing committee of the meeting.

No special form is required.

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