Laboratory of Infrared Rays Physics

Head of the Laboratory: Academician, Professor Nikolay A. Borisevich

tel: +375 17 2841815, fax: +375 17 2840030, e-mail:

Research Activities

The Laboratory includes:

Sector of Electron Spectroscopy and Optics
Head of the Sector: Dr. Alexander V. Kukhta
Tel: +375 17 2841719, fax: +375 17 2840030, e-mail:

Research Activities

Last Reviews:

1. A.V. Kukhta "Luminescence of Complex Organic Molecules upon Electron Excitation", J.Appl. Spectrosc. 1998, v.65, N5, p.722-738.

2. A.V. Kukhta, E.E. Kolesnik, A.G. Smirnov, M.I. Taoubi "Recent Progress in the Organic Thin Film Electroluminescence", Proc. VIII Int. Symp. "Advanced Display Technologies", 1999, p.100-106.

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